Central asset register

At the heart of PS Assets is the Central Asset Register. Used by schools nationwide to centralise all of their asset-related data, it allows you to view, manage and report on assets held across the entire site, all in one place. Optional functionality can be added to allow this data to be centralised one step further at trust level – to deliver a complete overview of assets.

Because it’s cloud-based, PS Assets is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, from any smart mobile device or desktop. Downloading the integrated mobile app allows users to scan assets and update information on the move.

With common asset types and relevant data fields already included, PS Assets is ready to go. However, you also have the ability to fully customise data fields, asset types and reports to meet your unique requirements.

By combining the powerful Central Asset Register with a range of optional modules, PS Assets offers a truly flexible and user-friendly experience that adapts to your needs.

central asset register for schools
  • Cloud based 
    Central storage and access your asset data from any location.

  • Email alerts
    Receive reminders when assets require service or maintenance.

  • Mobile friendly
    No additional hardware required, scan and access your data on any mobile device.
  • Mobile friendly
    No additional hardware required, scan and access your data on any mobile device.
  • Flexible reporting
    Rationalise your asset data into easy-to-deliver reports.

  • Asset tagging
    Tag and scan any object using a unique QR code.

  • Picture and video storage
    Take and store images of individual or a collection of assets.
  • Handle multiple locations
    Consolidate your asset data – ideal for use in multi-academy trusts.


Contract / Document Management module

Store and manage contracts and other documents within the Central Asset Register, either in isolation or linked to another asset. Simply scan and upload all relevant documents – from contracts and insurance certificates to internal policies and procedures, instruction manuals and building plans – and enter any additional information, such as renewal/review dates or supplier names

This module consolidates all of your supplier information, provides instant access to all of your important documents and helps you manage renewals via email alerts and reminders.

  • Instant access to all important documents

  • Instant supplier contact details

  • Email alerts for contract renewal

PS Assets - management documents in school asset register
school compliance

Statutory Compliance module

Meet your Trust-wide responsibilities around health and safety, and compliance, by recording and reporting on statutory checks, maintenance and inspections.

Scheduled alerts mean that you never miss an important inspection date and ensure that maintenance is carried out in line with your pre-determined cycle. With Trust-level oversight and reporting, you can be confident that you are managing risk and ensuring compliance, right across the Trust.

  • Inspection date alerts

  • Maintenance check list

  • Group-wide reporting

  • Efficient inspection booking

Helpdesk module

This task management and reporting tool allows you to create, manage and report on tasks related to areas such as facilities and IT.

The integrated Helpdesk module acts as a hub for all users to report faults and request repairs on any asset. Members of your Academy- or Trust-based Helpdesk response team can then prioritise tasks, run reports and assign tickets to relevant team members. Trust-wide reporting on fault and repair activity and response times delivers full oversight while also improving your resource planning.

  • Faults and timescales are logged

  • Delays highlighted and actioned

  • Maintenance project tracker

  • Ticket assignment

PS Assets helpdesk
school building conditions survey

Building Condition Surveys module

This dedicated estates and premises management module allows you to record and report on the condition of the fabric of your buildings, estates and grounds.

It’s designed to deliver a true understanding of the current condition of premises Trust-wide and assist you with planning, maintenance and estimating future costs. This module also allows you to identify risk and create alerts for inspection dates.

  • Centralised records

  • Better planning and budgeting

  • Schedule inspection dates

Asset Loan Management module

Resources can be difficult to manage across a Trust. From IT hardware to specialist equipment and musical instruments, the Asset Loan Management module allows you to keep track of who has been allocated particular assets, the reason for the loan and the relevant timescale.

Depending on the nature of the item and the loan, you can set specific terms within the system for the recipient to sign and keep a record of the item’s condition upon return. Calendar alerts and email reminders ensure that valuable items do not go missing.

  • Staff and student asset register

  • Individual email alerts

  • Improved resource/cost management

school asset loan management

Our team will work to understanding your requirements and then, with your budget in mind, guide you through the available options to best achieve your aims.